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At Wealth Inspired, we take the time to listen to each of our clients so we can create a personalised strategy to help them achieve those goals.
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About Us

We all have dreams when it comes to wealth. Having enough money to realise those dreams–whether it’s to live debt-free, afford your dream home, provide your family with the comfort and opportunity of financial security, or the hope that someday you’ll be able to give back and make a difference–is something each one of us wants to make real.

The truth is, with a sound plan, your financial goals are attainable.

At Wealth Inspired, we take the time to listen to each of our clients so we can create a personalised strategy to help them achieve those goals. We believe that by building a genuine relationship and truly understanding where you are now, where you want to be, and your time-frame, there’s always a path that can lead you to your goals.

The thing is, when it comes to wealth and finances, there are always opportunities, and there are always solutions.

We can help you find them.

Today, we travel all over Sydney to meet with our clients and develop strategies for all areas of financial planning, including asset protection, wealth building, and retirement planning.



We translate todays financial confusion spotting opportunities to build the lifestyle you only dreamt of.



By translating the jargon and clearing the confusion, we focus on making it simple for clients to choose inspired lifestyle opportunities.

Translating Confusion -> Opportunities = Lifestyle



  1. Surrounding ourselves with the best specialists in their field, and continue to be proud to have them as part of our team.
  2. Our clients come first always.
  3. Translate the jargon into clear opportunities.
  4. Resolve issues and giving solution focused advice.
  5. Apply knowledge-based advice to minimise the risk to our clients.
  6. Uncover opportunities and achieving the best outcomes for clients.
  7. We believe that showing patience and flexibility is the best way to support client’s busy lives.

Our Team


Rosario Carbajal

Director/Principal Financial Adviser
SMSF Specialist Advisor

After working in the finance industry since 2000, I completed the esteemed AMP Adviser Academy training for financial planners in 2008. In 2010, I started Wealth Inspired with a mission to help each of our clients unlock their potential.

In my many years in the industry and as a SMSF Specialist Advisor, I’ve found that financial planning isn’t just about growing wealth. It’s about peace of mind. I love knowing I’m helping everyone we work with reach that point where they know they’re on the right path, and that they have all they need and more to reach their goals. Financial freedom for you and your family isn’t just a dream. It’s a reality you deserve. Let’s make it happen together.

Sharon Price

Technical/ Compliance officer

Sharon’s role is to support with her extensive technical expertise and ensure that our processes and documenting of advice are at high standards. We have a client-focused mindset, so she makes sure our standards evolve with changing needs to ensure our clients have confidence in the quality of our advice.

Simon Wilkins

External Property Investment strategist

If required, we can introduce you to our referral partner Simon Wilkins. Simon’s role is to support our clients in advising and implementing their property investment strategy from start to finish. Simon works with each client to identify the correct opportunity to suit their strategy, working with them during the purchasing process and supporting them through to settlement and beyond. Simon has a wealth of experience in working with Investors and helping them to achieve their goals, to date he has helped clients successfully purchase over $35 million in real estate across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. He also has his own property portfolio across Brisbane and Melbourne, totaling over $2 million with a rental income of $1,785p/w

Suraj Baldawa

Client Service officer

Suraj joined Wealth Inspired in May 2020 and his role is to proactively assist in meeting client’s needs and expectations by liaising with the clients and product and service providers to maintain engagement and complete implementation for a memorable client experience.

His knowledge, attention to detail, and the outstanding level of service ensure our client’s needs are met and exceeded.


  • B.com and MBA (Finance)

Kay Murray

Practice Manager / Senior Financial Planner

Kay completed the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning in 2000, and over the subsequent years in the financial planning industry she has worked in both small and large companies, everything from boutique planning firms to industry super funds. Throughout her career, the constant goal has been to help clients develop money skills and build future financial security.

During this time she worked with Rosario on other projects, and when she started Wealth Inspired it was an easy choice to join her. The philosophy she has always held involving assisting and guiding clients to where they want to be financially and philosophically is a natural fit with the Wealth Inspired mission statement.

Our team of specialist partners include:


Mortgage brokers

Property advisers – Buyers agents



General Insurance brokers

Depreciation specialists

Property Managers

Building and pest inspectors